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    Baobab Butter, Organic

    INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, (and) Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Butter, (and) Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, (and) Adansonia Digitata Fruit Extract

    The Baobab trees are found in the hot and dry savannahs of southern Africa. These gorgeous trees can be seen from a distance and are an indication of the presence of water. Since the Baobab trees can live to be over 1,000 years old, they have deep traditional uses as sources of food, water, health remedies or places of shelter. The fruits of the tree have been noted to increase nutrition and boost food security as well as encouraging sustainable land care and tree maintainence. We're supporting the sustainable harvests of the fruit to create the extract needed for this luxurious butter.

    When directly applied to the skin, the Baobab Butter has a silky feeling that quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves the skin feeling soft without a greasy after feeling. Enjoy all of the benefits of Baobab fruit like naturally occurring humectant and moisturization properties, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphates, and vitamins C, B1, and B2.

    Say baobab like bay-oh-bab, and you will impress your customers as a knowledgable maker. I know this word looks weird, but we are sure you can say it now!

    Lotions and Creams: try 2 to 20%
    Body and Lip Balms: try 3 to 100%
    Bar Soap: try 3 to 6%

    Baobab Butter has a melting point of approximately 104-122 F.

    Turmeric Butter

    INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, (and) Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Butter, (and) Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, (and) Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, (and) Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root Extract, (and) Bisabolol

    Turmeric has long been linked to Ayurveda and has many reputed benefits related to healing. Two constituents that naturally occur in turmeric are turmerone and curcumin, and these components are noted for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Luckily, these constituents are oil soluble, which means instead of trying to dust turmeric on your skin, you can use the luxurious Turmeric Butter!

    We've been having fun making lip balms, body butters, and even lotions with this butter. The yellow color and mild spicy odor of Turmeric Butter are wonderful. Don't worry when opening the jar the first time and giving a sniff. You might be thinking we're crazy as the spice scent can be strong at first sniff, but quickly mellows out with the air exposure. This butter has a gritty looking texture, but we've found the Turmeric Butter gives any product an excellent boost in skin feel and quickly melts into the skin.

    Butter is organic.

    Lotions and Creams: try 2 to 20%
    Body and Lip Balms: try 3 to 100%
    Bar Soap: try 3 to 6%

    Turmeric Butter has a melting point of approximately 104-122 F.

    Tangerine Butter

    INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil (and) Citrus Tangerina (Tangerine) Peel Oil (and) Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

    This vibrant butter brings the sweet smell of tangerines to your favorite lip balms, body butters, and lotions. Add Tangerine Butter to give not only odor and color, but a creamy texture, spreadability, and a little extra luxury to your products.

    We are super excited to have Tangerine Butter in our catalog because it means we have lots of variety for our customers. We also have an awesome price so you can do a little testing or a lot of production without breaking the bank!


    Shea Butter, Handcrafted

    INCI = Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)

    Saponification Value: 188 mg KOH / g of Fat

    If you love Shea Butter just like we do, you will love our Handcrafted Shea Butter. Why? We are supporting handmade and sustainable production of Shea Butter by the local women in Ghana. With every purchase of the Handcrafted Shea Butter, you help support thousands of women as they support their own families by putting food on the table with stable income from stable work.

    How is Handcrafted Shea Butter produced? The Ghanian women gather the shea fruit and then remove the skins. After the skins of the shea fruit are removed, the shea nuts are laid out to be sun-dried. Once the shea nuts are completely dry, the nuts are then crushed, dry-roasted over a fire, and then ground into a paste. The children help their mothers add water to the nut paste as the women mix to create a shea slurry. As cool water is added, the oils start to rise to the top as it then starts to solidify. The raw shea butter is skimmed off the slurry surface and then boiled to remove any remaining water. After boiling, the shea butter is strained into large basins and set aside to cool in a dark place until it is fully cool and has solidified. Now the shea butter can be sent to the markets to be sold. After the shea butter leaves the Ghanian women, it is filtered one more time to remove any impurities and physical contaminants. This shea butter is then run through a mill to mix and smooth the shea butter into the creamy texture you receive.

    As a young child, I remember helping my mom with laundry, making bread and even helping prepare meals. I learned how to be proud of the things I could do to help my family and how to communicate with my family. This time spent with my mom was essential to develop a strong bond that would support me when I went to school. This bonding time is the same thing we are supporting with the Handcrafted Shea Butter, and we think it is well worth it!

    Lotions and Creams: try 2 to 20%
    Body and Lip Balms: try 5 to 100%
    Bar Soap: try 3 to 12.5%

    100 Percent Hand Made Guest Silicone Mold

    This little guest sized soap mold is perfect for soap samplers, gifts or custom soaps for Bed and Breakfasts, inns, and small hotels. Proudly proclaim that your products are hand made with this square mold. Try this mold for your next sampler and fall in love!

    Dimensions: 2.125 x 2.125 x 0.8 inches
    Number of Cavities: 10
    Each cavity holds approximately 1.77 ounces of Melt & Pour soap or 1.8 ounces of Cold Process soap or 1.95 fluid ounces of water.

    Deep Round Silicone Mold

    This deep tapered round soap mold makes a wonderfully large bar of soap. I'm tempted to make soap and then leave the finished soaps "upside-down" to look like flower pots or cupcakes! A perfect shape that provides the ideal base for any creative soap additions.

    Dimensions: 2.75 x 2.75 x 1.75 inches
    Number of Cavities: 6
    Each cavity holds approximately 4.64 ounces of Melt & Pour soap or 4.75 ounces of Cold Process soap or 5.4 fluid ounces of water.

    Nesting Oval Silicone Mold

    This mold is a perfect size for a travel soap bar. My favorite feature of this mold is that when my previous bar of soap turns into a little sliver, I can just press the sliver into the top nest. You can also use this mold to make soap bases for molded soap birds, bath bombs and other little bath treats!

    Dimensions: 1.625 x 1.875 x 0.8 inches
    Number of Cavities: 15
    Each cavity holds approximately 1.48 ounces of Melt & Pour soap or 1.6 ounces of Cold Process soap or 1.77 fluid ounces of water.

    Oval Silicone Mold

    This flat faced oval is a perfect mold for showcasing embeds, delicate swirls and other fabulous soap making techniques. Want to make simple soaps to show off a single luxury ingredient? This mold won't take away from your soaps featuring special additives!

    Dimensions: 2.75 x 2 x 0.95 inches
    Number of Cavities: 8
    Each cavity holds approximately 2.58 ounces of Melt & Pour soap or 2.86 ounces of Cold Process soap or 3.25 fluid ounces of water.

    Soap is the Word Silicone Mold

    This oval mold is much more than just an oval soap mold, as it declares that "soap" is the word for this bar! A slight curve to the mold makes a bowed bar that fits well in the hand. A fun mold that declares the finished product!

    Dimensions: 3 x 1.875 x 1.1 inches
    Number of Cavities: single
    Each cavity holds approximately 1.6 ounces of Melt & Pour soap or 1.75 ounces of Cold Process soap or 1.8 fluid ounces of water.