New Products

    Mocha Mint Fragrance Oil

    Breathe deep and let the comforting aroma of rich chocolate, cool peppermint and a faint hint of coffee wrap around you. If you love candies like Peppermint Patties, Junior Mints or Andes, and beverages like the Peppermint Mocha, then Mocha Mint is right up your alley! Now you can make soaps, lotions, bath treats and more. What will you make with this scrumptious fragrance?

    Mocha Mint is cyclomethicone compatible. This means you can make room sprays, dry oil perfumes and much more!

    Oil Perfection Base

    Oil Perfection is our wonderful oil base. Use this non-greasy formulation everywhere! We passed out scented samples with treatment pumps and labeled it as a beard oil.

    Squeaky Clean Fragrance Oil

    Ahhhh...Squeaky Clean, you know the smell. It's the smell of a spotless house, the smell of a person when they are fresh out of the shower, and even the smell of knowing that all of your hard work is finished and you finally get to relax.

    Squeaky Clean has fruity notes of lemon, apple, and pineapple. On top of all that fruity goodness is a slight hint of fresh cut grass. This fragrance is very fresh and clean, a springtime kind of scent. I can't wait to use this fragrance in a room spray, soap, hair care, and even body wash! With Squeaky Clean, you could easily trick your guests into thinking you just cleaned your house!

    Celebrate being Squeaky Clean and pick up a bottle today!

    Squeaky Clean is cyclomethicone compatible. This means you can make room sprays, dry oil perfumes and much more!

    Mango Butter for Soap Only

    INCI = Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter

    Saponification Value: 184 mg KOH / g of Fat


    What happens with a natural product when it varies from what we typically want or see? Sometimes it is scrapped, sometimes it is composted and sometimes we just make soap with it. This is the case for this Mango Butter.

    This lot of Mango Butter is perfect for soapmaking! This is an odd melting lot which makes it unsuitable for lip balms, lotions and other products where consistency reigns. This Mango Butter smells and looks normal and would otherwise give NO indication that it melts a little oddly. For soap makers this means using a luxury oil and getting all the benefit without worry of a natural variation in product. You also get a great price to play with this really neat oil. We recommend using 1 ounce in every pound of fats when making soap, this is about 6% of the fats in your recipe.

    When this lot is gone, it is gone. It is only offered as a special to soap makers and will be marked as such. Please, do not make lip balm with this because the lip balm is guaranteed to be grainy.

    Soap away!

    Cherry Oil

    INCI: Prunus Acium (Sweet Cherry) Seed Oil

    Saponification Value: 191 mg KOH / g of Fat

    This light yellow oil is a not only light in color but light in weight. The oil helps assist lotions to be kind to the skin by counteracting dry skin, itching and dryness.

    Soapmakers can use Cherry Oil to benefit their soaps with as little as 1 or 2 ounces of the oil in each pound of fats. This ranges from 6 to 12%. Cherry oil is high in oleic acid and this oil is expeller pressed.

    1 gallon weighs approximately 7.4 lbs. All sizes 16 oz and under are sold by weight. Enjoy!

    Beeswax Absolute

    Beeswax Absolute or as it is known in France, absolue de cire d'abeille, is an exquisite waxy substance for use in perfumery and other cosmetics. This gourmand scent reminds me of the aroma in a honey house at harvest time. Warm, sweet, and with slight hints of hay and smoke, this absolute will transport you to a warm, sunny day.

    Big Lip Balm Tubes, Black

    What do you do when you need a bigger lip balm tube? Get the BIG lip balm tubes of course! These tubes are 1/4 ounce in size (0.25 ounces) and they are about 2.75 inches tall and .63 inches (5/8ths) in diameter.

    This tube has the twisting mechanism at the collar, not at the bottom like our 0.15 ounce tubes. The tube and cap are black.

    Macadamia Nut Oil, Virgin

    This light weight oil is amazing and worth making a part of your staple ingredients! We were able to bring in an incredible virgin Macadamia Nut Oil that has a warm reddish orange color, so it will make your butters, balms and lotions look warmer.