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    Sal Butter

    INCI: Shorea Robusta (Sal) Butter

    Saponification Value: 185 mg KOH / g of Fat

    If you haven't tried Sal Butter yet, you are in for a treat! This fantastic butter has great dry effect emollient properties that leave the skin pampered without an oily residue. A perfect addition to all of your handmade soaps and cosmetics, you will adore the reasonable price with exquisite, high-end skin indulgence.More ...

    Illipe Nut Butter

    INCI: Shorea Stenoptera (Illipe) Nut Butter

    Saponification Value: 185 mg KOH / g of Fat

    Love making lip balms, body butters, or salves? You will love using Illipe Nut Butter! This brittle butter is made from the fallen nuts of the False Illipe tree that is native to Borneo. A popular ingredient for skin and hair care, Illipe Nut Butter has amazing emollient properties that make your skin feel great. We think this butter is our newest favorite in leave-on skin care products.More ...