10 mL Lip Balm Jar

Product Details

Limited to stock on hand!

These 10 mL jars are the larger companion to our Baby Lip Balm jars which hold just 5 mL. Before you panic and claim to be "metric challenged" we want you to know there are 5 mL to a teaspoon, and approximately 30 mL to a fl ounce. The jars are crystal clear and have squared shoulders. Super cute and a great "larger" size for balms, creams and cuticle care products. This set includes the cap and jar. The cap does not fit any other jar in our catalog so these are sold as a set only.

Shrink Band Note: We have a shrink band to fit this container. The product code is 806-4030.To order these Shrink Bands click here, choose the 806-4030 product code.