Amazing Dozen Free Shipping

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New changes to our system show the Free Shipping if this product is ordered as follows. This offer is changing from a Sampler 7 to the Amazing Dozen. So many of you are asking for more than 7 because you can't limit yourself to just 7. Well, now you can get 12 instead, and you are still welcome to order 3 or 4 of these each day.

We are often asked to make a fragrance sampler kit for our customers. We then ask ourselves, what fragrance samples would we include? How could we make all the items we want as samples available? Would our customers need to wait while we cycle through the whole catalog of 1 oz bottles?

Well, we came up with a solution. The Amazing Dozen! Here is how this product will work. Place this Amazing Dozen kit in your shopping cart then add 12 one fluid ounce bottles of Fragrance Oils, Essential Oils, Extracts or Flavor Oils of your choice to the cart. There can only be 13 items in your cart (1 shipping offer and 12 one-ounce bottles = 13 items), no less and no more. Each of the 12 one-ounce bottles will have the number 2 as the last number in their product codes.

Submit the order through the online ordering choosing Priority Mail. You should see FREE shipping if you are in the USA . We are sorry, but costs to ship to Canada have increased to the point that we can no longer make this offer to destinations in Canada. Crossing the border is a good option for Canadian customers. The online ordering will now offer $ 0.00 for standard shipping. Please add this offer to your cart, then proof that each item ends in a 2 and there are 12 bottles in your cart.

Do not order this item with any other item in the catalog. If you do, the online ordering does not recognize this as an Amazing Dozen offer and adds shipping. You can order as many of these Amazing Dozen kits as you desire as long as each item you place in the cart is 1 fl oz in size, there are 12 bottles of Fragrance, Essential, Flavor or Extract oils AND ONLY ONE FREE SHIPPING OFFER is ordered per online submission. This means if you want two Amazing Dozen kits, you will place two orders. The price of each kit is determined by what YOU put on the order. We are sorry but the Free Gifts and Teas are not available with this Amazing Dozen offer.

If you have always wanted a sampler kit from MMS now is your time to choose your own samples!

Photo Note: The box in this photo has been retired. We will pack your order in a cube box with each item securely packaged to arrive to you safely.