Aromatherapy Auto Diffuser, Flower Power

Product Details

A bouquet of flowers has the power to bring a smile to my face. This charming diffuser brings the joy of flowers into the car along with my favorite fragrance of the moment. Celebrate the happy power that flowers bring every time you jump into the car. Think you see stars? No matter what patterns you see in this diffuser, I think you will love this design as much as we do!

Don't forget that putting the fragrance on the diffuser pads will allow you to enjoy your favorite fragrances without your body chemistry altering the fragrance.

Auto Diffuser: The diffuser is made from stainless steel and does not contain nickel. The diameter of this diffuser is 1.19 inches, and the total length of this air vent clip diffuser is 1.5 inches.

Don't forget to order a Diffuser Pad in your favorite color for this diffuser!

Photo Note: Shown from left to right with the Pink and Purple Diffuser Pads.