Bigger Lip Balm Tubes

Product Details

So, if the Big Lip Balm Tubes aren't big enough, what should you do? Go Bigger, of course! The Bigger Lip Balm Tubes hold 0.5! These are super big (think glue stick BIG) and are great for balms, salves and other products that you need a greater quantity.

These tubes are about 3.75 inches tall and 3/4 inches in diameter. These tubes also have the mechanism at the bottom like our regular lip balm tubes (0.15 ounce size). The tubes are white and only sold as a set of the tube and cap. We don't sell these as just the tubes or just the caps, only as a set.

A single jar of Lip Solutions will fill about 20 of these Bigger Lip Balm Tubes.

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