Blackberry Iced Tea Fragrance Oil

Product Details

Imagine a glass pitcher covered in dewy condensation. What is inside? Freshly picked blackberries kissed by the sun only a few hours ago combined with old fashioned iced tea and raw cane sugar. Pour yourself a glass of Blackberry Iced Tea and enjoy!

This fragrance is refreshing and cheerful. Berry nuances abound, along with a slight astringency from a tea aroma. This fragrance is perfect for a summer refresher soap or a winter pick-me-up lotion. This scent makes a perfect scrub or mud mask. Don't let our suggestions hold you back, go forth and make candles, room sprays and more!

You will love it because we know you can't help smiling when you smell Blackberry Iced Tea Fragrance Oil from


Blackberry Iced Tea is compatible with our cyclomethicone!