Body Cream Gift Kit

Product Details

The Body Cream is our most popular base. Now you can make several fun gifts from the exquisite cream and show your friends how easy it is to make such nice gifts.

This kit contains:

We use a single fluid ounce of fragrance to scent the full gallon of Body Cream. Stir like crazy with the included spoon.

When the fragrance has been thoroughly mixed into the Body Cream, spoon (using a metal soup spoon) the Body Cream directly into the 8 fl oz jars that come in your kit. The Body Cream is scented and ready to go, except you need to apply the label to the jar cap!

Need other ideas for filling your jars? Use the technique I use at home. I fill a zipper style bag with some Body Cream, zip closed then cut a small corner of the bag off, about a 1/2 inch long cut across one corner. I then proceed to use the bag as a pastry style bag to fill the jars. I twist the top of the bag and work the product toward the open corner. Once I have squeezed as much as possible I flatten the bag out and use a rubber scraper on the outside of the bag to force the extra Body Cream out of the folds and toward the open corner. Be forewarned: you will need strong hands to use this technique!

One gallon is 128 fl oz. Due to built in head space in the jar design, we expect you will fill 15 jars and have a bit of Body Cream left over.

Due to the preparations to make this kit, we are not able to make any substitutions. You may click on the small photo thumbnail to get a larger picture of how the pre-printed labels will appear.

If you wish to color your Body Cream, then we suggest ordering the Water Soluble Colorant Kit. This kit contains the 3 primary colors we use for blending, and a package of dropper bottles. Look here for info on the Water Soluble Colorant Kit. I personally find coloring the base to be helpful. I find that when the color is even (no more streaks) that the scent has also been adequately stirred into the base.

All this for a special price!