Coffee Flavor Oil

Product Details

Coffee, java, joe, morning juice, cuppa, or whatever you call it, we now have a flavor to represent the world's most favored beverage.

Our coffee flavor is clean and pairs so well with the coffee butter, you just might use them together! We did, and everyone thought the flavor was indulgent.

No matter where your favorite roaster is located, a lip balm made with this flavor is sure to be closer and not cause any sleepy nights. This flavor, straight out of the bottle, is a French roast with vanilla overtones scent. It does not make a sweet or flowery coffee scent in lip balm though. If you want sugar and cream added to your coffee, please add Vanilla-Banilla or Natural Vanilla and Sugar Baby flavor oils to the mix. You will just need to decide if you want one lump or two!

Use 2 to 5% in lip balm. For a batch of lip balm that makes 50 tubes (.15 ounces each) or 25 jars (.25 ounces each) use from 6 to 14 grams. This converts to approximately 6 to 14 milliliters if you would rather use a pipette.