Exotic Potions Fragrance Oil

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Take a trip with me down to the corner of 34th and Vine, where you can get all sorts of potions at any time. Breathe in deep, look around for a recipe or two, and if you've any luck, you might find an elixir of energy, a potion of happiness or even a love brew!

Here's a kettle, so let's mix up our own exotic potion. Rummage through those cupboards to find Sicilian bergamot, sparkling lemon, and strawberry vines. I'll toss in some Tuscan basil, pink peppercorns, and clove leaves. Let's give it a stir and a sniff. Hmm. I think it's missing something. Maybe if we add some rose geranium and green twigs, this potion will be perfect? Take a whiff and give a sigh, we've made the perfect fragrance recipe for our next batches of soap, lotion, and other skin goodies

I have to say, Exotic Potions is an amazing fragrance and we did an excellent job mixing it up!

Exotic Potions is cyclomethicone compatible. This means you can make room sprays, dry oil perfumes and much more!