Freckles Fragrance Oil

Product Details

Freckles is just a sweet, vanilla fragrance that says FUN! Think cotton candy, amber, musk and rich vanilla. There is a hint of pink berries to gild this mixture. I wasn't sure if this would appeal to me because of the cotton candy side, but I really like the amber and musk in there! While the scent is certainly for a younger generation, it is also for those wanting to be young at heart. Most staff found this scent to be a good fragrance for soaps, room sprays, lotions and perfumes. Those who don't care for this scent are herbal types that really prefer eucalyptus and rosemary type scents.

I think we should celebrate the younger side of ourselves and enjoy Freckles like we never could as kids!

Freckles Fragrance Oil is NOT compatible with our cyclomethicone!