Ginger Essential Oil

Product Details

Ginger. I adore ginger. I put in my fabulous molasses cookies, drink it in my soda and add little disks to soups and stir fry for an exotic flair. This warm and comforting scent is now available in an essential oil!

Ginger is considered the "hottest" of the sweet spices, so use lightly. It is warm, woody and musky in aroma. In blends or by itself, it adds an intriguing and seductive aroma to your soaps, lotions, creams and more! We found Ginger Essential Oil blends well with Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon and even Lavender! I would even consider it with Spearmint. If you make your own blends and are looking for something to add depth and character, Ginger is here! Three cheers for Ginger Essential Oil!

If you have tried Ginger before we want you to know we have tested several different types of this essential oil. Not all smell great. We found some to smell down right skunky. We think our work in finding a good essential oil will pay off for all the items where you desire Ginger Essential Oil.

If you find the warm, spicy aroma of Ginger appealing in a lip balm or lip stick, this essential oil is FCC classified. FCC is Food Chemical Codex. We suggest making a test batch with 0.5% flavor added. Determine if this amount is suitable to you and increase, or decrease, for future batches.