Glycerin Scrub Gift Kit

Product Details

The Glycerin Scrub Kit is a bit different than the other kits, and that is because the base is different. This base requires either salt or sugar to be added to the base. Most often people add sugar but salt is a fine scrub. If you are using regular granulated sugar we do suggest adding a tablespoon or two of regular salt to the mixture. Sometimes sugar dissolves too quickly and the scrub appears to have a syrupy mixture at the bottom of the jar. This layer is just dissolved sugar and the salt will help stop this visual flaw.

This kit contains:

We use a single fluid ounce of fragrance to scent the full gallon of Glycerin Scrub Base. We recap and shake like crazy. Now, we add the whole gallon to 8 lbs of granulated sugar or salt, or a combination of both. Stir with the included spoon. More salt or sugar may be added to get to your desired consistency but please remember that your scrub will thicken a bit when allowed to stand overnight.

When everything has been thoroughly mixed together, spoon or scoop directly into the 16 fl oz jars that come in your kit. Apply the labels to the caps and the caps to the jars.

One gallon is 128 fl oz, but this base is HEAVY! Plan on each 16 fl ounce jar weighing 18 to 19 ounces. Due to built in head space in the bottle design, we expect you will fill 15 to 16 jars with this kit.

Due to the preparations to make this kit, we are not able to make any substitutions. You may click on the small photo thumbnail to get a larger picture of how the pre-printed labels will appear.

If you wish to color your scrubs, then we suggest ordering the Water Soluble Colorant Kit. This kit contains the 3 primary colors we use for blending, and a package dropper bottles. Look here for info on the Water Soluble Colorant Kit

All this for a special price!