INCI Name = Lanolin

Saponification Value: 105 mg KOH / g of Fat

Ultrafine, Anhydrous Lanolin. Super light color, very little odor. Super for luxury soaps and lip balm.

Lanolin is temperature sensitive, so keep temperatures around 110 degrees F when using in cold process soap. Lanolin soaps are often described as dreamy! Lanolin is also used as an emulsifier for lotions and creams because it can hold 2 times its own weight in water!

Lanolin comes from the fleeces of sheep. In the spring when sheep are sheared the lanolin is removed from the wool before the wool can be processed into yarns. The next time you wear wool as a sweater, socks, coat or cape, you might wonder how the sheep were able to keep dry during the rain. You certainly know how warm wool can be. Try our Lanolin Butter recipe for an intense hand cream that practically waterproofs the hands. Once you see the water roll right off your skin you will know how sheep stay dry!

Try a lanolin soap or lip balm. We think you'll agree the texture and moisturizing properties of lanolin can't be beat.

    301-2203 8 oz wt Anhydrous Lanolin $8.00
    301-2204 16 oz wt Anhydrous Lanolin $13.50
    301-2205 5 lbs Anhydrous Lanolin $64.00
    301-2206 10 lbs Anhydrous Lanolin $119.00
    301-2207 25 lbs Anhydrous Lanolin $283.00

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