Lighthouse Fragrance Oil

Product Details

Lighthouse allows us to bring the enchantment of a picturesque lighthouse perched on the rocky cliffs overlooking the sea to you. This is a phenomenal fragrance oil that is such a delightful blend of ocean breezes and wood lands. As you sniff at the open bottle, you can almost hear the call of gulls as they drift overhead. The waves are thundering against the rocks, sending fingers of salty spray high along the coast. The rocky beach gives way to long grasses, laden with blue hyacinth and white lilies. The winds die to a whisper as it rustles through the forest, bringing the sweet earthy scent of moss and musk.

This scent is sweet, cool, fresh and clean. Our staff has delighted in making soaps, creams and linen sprays with this scent. Many have commented on how inspiring this fragrance oil is to their creative spirit. Remember, not all vacations are to tropical destinations. Don't be surprised if Lighthouse becomes your next summer favorite!

Lighthouse is compatible with our cyclomethicone!