Milk Powder

Product Details

Add milk!

You have heard it before. Milk is wonderful! It makes great bath soaks, tub teas, bath bombs and soaps! Our powdered milk is fine grain powder and fat free. It will instantly mix with any water so don't worry about long soaking periods.

For soap makers: try adding the milk powder to your water and lye mixture. You can add this during mixing but please make sure the powder will completely mix into the soap before pouring into the mold. You don't want any surprises of dry powder in the finished bar. I would suggest making a thickened milk paste by adding a small amount of water to the powder and then adding that to your soap.

Bath salts, bombs, teas and more: add the powder just like you would any starch. I like to add the milk powder to the tea bags along with oatmeal. What a wonderful bath awaits!