Mona Lisa Fragrance Oil

Mona Lisa is just like the portrait, a bit elusive, secretive and certainly intriguing. Musk notes are the strong point in this scent, with lily, rose and vanilla. We had been working on a Dragon's Blood scent and this one was so good that we had to put it in the catalog. But the name just didn't match the scent! So.... we named this one Mona Lisa. So beautiful, refined and amazing!

Mona Lisa Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

    303-3802 1 fl oz Mona Lisa Fragrance $4.00
    303-3803 4 fl oz Mona Lisa Fragrance $12.00
    303-3804 8 fl oz Mona Lisa Fragrance $20.00
    303-3805 16 fl oz Mona Lisa Fragrance $30.70
    303-3806 80 fl oz Mona Lisa Fragrance $138.00
    303-3807 20 lbs Mona Lisa Fragrance $506.00

Sanitary Elegance

Crystal Spatulas
Our spatulas are Crystal Clear! Just over 3 inches long.

Activated Charcoal

Charcoal, Activated
Activated Charcoal is a perfect addition to soaps to get black or grey colors. If you use our Activated Charcoal along with some of our Botanical powders like Alkanet or Madder Root, you will now have a broader range of natural color in your soaps.