Perfumery Kit

Product Details

I'm excited to release this amazing kit to our catalog. This kit is a great starting point with a collection of 100 bottles of fragrances and essential oils to play with! It was difficult to narrow down our wonderful collection of fragrances and essential oils to a mere collection of 100 when I had well over 200 items to pick from! This collection is intended to start providing you the inspiration that is needed to adventure out into the world of fragrance blending. This kit was given to each attending student in Andee's class at the 2016 HSCG event in May. This kit was much loved, had offers for purchase, and one was even retrieved after a panicked call to the conference center explain it was accidentally left behind!

Included in the Perfumer's case are: A box with a holding compartment to protect the glass vials containing the fragrances and essentials.
1 pack Perfume Testing Strips (item# 402-2380),
1 pack of Sachet Cards (item# 401-1111),
1 pack of perfume vials (item# 149-4012),
a 100 pack of Micro Pipettes (item# 108-1802),
a location identification sheet for your reference,
a blending stand to prevent bottles from tipping over,
2 Glass Roller Ball Bottles for your personal perfumes (item# 119-5121),
a 2 oz bottle of Coconut Oil Fractions (item# 300-5704),
a notebook and pen,
and a 2 oz jar of Goat Milk Cream Base (item# 403-8390).

Once you have a blend you like, we've provided the materials for you to make your own perfume or scented cream!

The kit is designed to help you learn how to blend fragrances and essential oils into new scents that are unique to you. Andee's class will follow so you can take it online, at your convenience.

When you are finished playing for the day, close the kit and use the carry handle to store in the closet or under your desk. You can take this anywhere you want to go to find inspiration.

The value of this kit is over $ 350!