Pink Sugar type Fragrance Oil

Product Details

This is the MMS version of Aquolina's Pink Sugar.

I asked around the office to determine what our staff thought of this scent. Not only did they reply with things like yummy, or great but I even got "Oh! This one rocks!" We laughed ourselves silly after that comment!

If you make cold process soap plan on a brown color. If you make other products we don't often see strong discoloration so scent away. It is the high content of vanillin that causes this browning. So you know the color comes from the fantastic scent.

Pink Sugar is an incredible blend of bergamot, raspberry, fig, vanilla, caramel and musk. You might even see references to the scent being barbe-a-papa which means Papa's Beard candy (a reference to cotton candy). You won't be disappointed by this scent. It really is incredible.

Pink Sugar type Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!