Rose Otto, Bulgarian

Product Details

Rose essential oil, rose oil, oil of rose are all names for this exquisite oil. Very rose garden like. More fragrant than you can imagine if you have never had pure rose oil.

This product will arrive in most cool locations as a crystallized material, often noted as congealing point. Don't worry. The oil will be liquid at 83 degrees F or higher. Need it ready right away? Put the bottle in your hand or pocket. The crystals will melt readily and you will feel like royalty!

Sizes are limited to 1 gram increments only. This is a special offer and does not have great gobs of stock. Don't wait! The oil will be gone before you know it, and new stock is not expected to be available for many more months.

Due to the cost of this item we suggest use in salves, balms, creams and similar products. This item is potent and will not be used at the same rates as most fragrance oils or essential oils. Use lightly! The fragrance carries and lasts!

This oil may even be used as a flavor (please use lightly!) in a lip balm. My favorite lip balm ever has rose as the flavor. Move over Chanel!