Sea Salt Fragrance Oil

Product Details

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine standing on the beach as the waves crash upon the sand, the sea breeze twists through your hair, and the complex aroma of flowers, salt, water, and sand tickles your nose. The complexity of the ocean always seems to pull at different emotions and caress deep into the soul. Sea Salt is our interpretation of the intricate odors of Mother Nature's glorious beaches.

As the sea breeze blows steadily past your nose, it carries the scent of seaside gardens with their bouquet of Beach Verbena, lilies, roses, and a light squeeze of bergamot. As the breezes whisks down the beach, it picks up the tang of seashore juniper, sun warmed cedar and sandalwood and then weaves this delicate medley of aromas together with sea salt, and it's own threads of sea breeze.

Sea Salt is cyclomethicone compatible. This means you can make room sprays, dry oil perfumes and much more!