Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil

INCI: Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil

Our cold pressed Seabuckthorn Oil has a dark red-orange color and is perfect for adding color and regenerative properties to your lotions and creams. There is a stronger odor with Seabuckthorn but it shouldn't prevent anyone from using this oil. We like to use this oil as a low concentration additive. Try 1 to 3% in your lotions and creams and watch the beautiful color develop. Beautiful!

Would you use this oil in your lip balms? We would! Just use it like a plant extract and the resulting product will be perfect. Try 1/2 to 1%.


1 gallon weighs approximately 7.3 lbs

    300-1182 4 oz wt Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil $27.50
    300-1183 8 oz wt Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil $50.50
    300-1184 16 oz wt Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil $84.00
    300-1185 1 Gallon Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil $558.00

Cheery Perfection

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