Squeaky Clean Fragrance Oil

Product Details

Ahhhh...Squeaky Clean, you know the smell. It's the smell of a spotless house, the smell of a person when they are fresh out of the shower, and even the smell of knowing that all of your hard work is finished and you finally get to relax.

Squeaky Clean has fruity notes of lemon, apple, and pineapple. On top of all that fruity goodness is a slight hint of fresh cut grass. This fragrance is very fresh and clean, a springtime kind of scent. I can't wait to use this fragrance in a room spray, soap, hair care, and even body wash! With Squeaky Clean, you could easily trick your guests into thinking you just cleaned your house!

Celebrate being Squeaky Clean and pick up a bottle today!

Squeaky Clean is cyclomethicone compatible. This means you can make room sprays, dry oil perfumes and much more!