Tangerine & Tulip Fragrance

Just after our move into our new building, we asked on the blog which scents did everyone want to see back in our catalog. If you don't get the blog in your daily email, please do subscribe. Special offers and more come out on our blog and we do it daily M-F.

So, why was Tangerine and Tulip requested? Because people like Denise wrote: "I would love to see Tangerine and Tulips back in your line up. I used it to make soaps for my son's wedding favors and it was a huge hit!"

Of course there is the citrus note of tangerines and a fresh note of light spring florals. But Tangerine and Tulip just doesn't stop! The scent is delicate like lily but clean and inspirational like a morning shower. I really like the crisp and clean notes in this fragrance oil.

And it makes great soap, too!

Tangerine & Tulip Fragrance is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

    303-2052 1 fl oz Tangerine & Tulip Fragrance $4.00
    303-2053 4 fl oz Tangerine & Tulip Fragrance $12.00
    303-2054 8 fl oz Tangerine & Tulip Fragrance $18.00
    303-2055 16 fl oz Tangerine & Tulip Fragrance $30.00
    303-2056 80 fl oz Tangerine & Tulip Fragrance $135.00

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