Toddy Maker

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OMG! Have you *ever* had a real cold brewed coffee? It is incredible! There is no way my description can do justice to the method of making coffee the cold way. I love the extract process this method uses. EASY!

We have these Toddy makers in our warehouse so you can make your own coffee extract and drink up! We even have some awesome coffees to try from our local roaster. Yummers!

Do you want to know why you need TWO Toddy makers? Well, you need one for your coffee and one for your soapmaking. Imagine the herbs and other plant materials you can use to make extracts. You NEED one of these for your soap room. Trust me. Now, here is the hard part. Ask Taylor for a video on how to make the extracts in your soap lab. She'll do one for the blog here at TheSage! If you aren't a reader of our blog, then you need to be!

Don't forget that we have a section of coffee beans in our catalog. The whole coffee beans should be ground to a French Press type grind. Don't share your grinder with your herbs! Use 12 ounces of beans to make the best extract. Our coffee beans are in 12 ounce sizes for your convenience!

Served hot or cold, you won't believe how good the coffee is when brewed cold!

Get the Toddy Maker for free with any $ 800 product order. Just check your order to make sure the product total (before shipping) is $ 800 or more to qualify for this item, then write in the comments field "I would like the Toddy Maker, please." We'll take care of the rest by adding the Toddy Maker to your order and making sure you are not charged for the item. You don't need to wait to get this item as a free gift, you can order it by just placing it in your shopping cart with the rest of your items. By placing one in your shopping cart and requesting one as your free gift you can get double the fun!