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Flavor Oils

Here it is! The MMS Private Flavor Collection!

Our own unique collection of flavor oils that have been designed especially for use in lip applications. And, yes, they can be used in massage oils too!

The following flavor oils are generally used at 3%. Multiply your lip balm weight (or massage oil weight) by .03 and the resulting number is the weight of flavor oil you should add. Please note that the food grade essential oils listed below are used at a much lower percentage. Strong flavored essential oils (like peppermint) are generally in the .5 to 1% range, while the top note, citrusy flavored essential oils are used at 1 to 1.5%. If you would like to know our experiences please drop us an email. We will be glad to share our results.

When testing the flavor of a lip balm start with the smallest recommended amount first. It is always easy to add a bit more but very difficult (read impossible) to take it away.

NOTICE! None of our flavor oils are intended for use in foods (popcorn, candy, beverages) and none of our flavors are suitable for use in e-cigarettes. Thank you for making lip balm and using our products as intended.

Coffee Oil


Root Beer Flavor Oil
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