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Cranberry Rose Fragrance Oil


Cranberry Rose is a little fruity, a little floral, a little sweet, and a little tart all rolled into one sensual fragrance. Top notes of ripe cranberry, sweet strawberry, tart red currant are intertwined with hints of grapefruit zest, nectarine, honey crisp apples, and peach juice, while rose petals and sparkling champagne add character and sophistication.

All of our testers loved the scent, and surprisingly that even included our most vocal floral haters! Our R&D Team was overwhelmed with requests for soap from the test batches, and I've even heard plans being made for body creams and room sprays. The versatility of this fragrance will amaze you!

Cranberry Rose Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

Photo Note: The left half of this bar of soap is unscented soap, and the right half is soap scented with Cranberry Rose Fragrance Oil at a 2.5% usage rate following our Fragrance Calculator Recommendations. The circle in the soap shows that the soap went through gel phase.