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Dipropylene Glycol


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INCI: Dipropylene

Are you making one of the fabulous diffuser reed bottles? DPG mixed with your fragrance oil will slow the fragrance's evaporation, so the scent lasts longer. A straight fragrance oil may last only a month or two (depending on how much is added to the bottle), but DPG can slow the rate of evaporation, so your scent may last 6 months or more.

We recommend mixing DPG at 2 fl oz and fragrance oil at 2 fl oz into a 4 fl oz Amber Glass Bottle for diffuser bottle people. Then ask your customers to add the mixture to their diffuser bottle when they get home. We like the apothecary bottle to have between 2 and 3 fl oz of scent mixture when we set the reeds inside. Please remind your customers that if they have been using an Almond scent in their diffuser bottles and now want Strawberry, the reeds should be replaced. Similar fragrances do not need replacement of the reeds when changing scents.

And a few soapmakers have asked us to get DPG to help accelerate the trace of their soap (yes, they really want it for that) so the slow batches can be sped up a bit. A little goes a long way!

16 fl oz weighs approximately 1.13 lbs; 1 Gallon weighs approximately 8.56 lbs