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Off the Shelf at Jennifer's

    Date : 1999-01-14

    I d like to share with you all a recipe I made up that I tested today. I am so thrilled with this soap that I had to post the recipe. It s called What I have today (guess why?) and I used the Majestic Mountain Sage lye calculator to get the lye amount. I used grams because the numbers were more even that way since this is such a small recipe. It is just less than 5% superfatted. I made it on 30 Aug 98.


      25g castor oil
      50g regular cocoa butter
      75g coconut oil
      75g olive oil
      35g sunflower oil
      40g hydrogenated soybean oil
      75g tallow

      140g water
      52g lye


    My temp was right about 100 degrees Fahrenheit for both fats and lye solution. I put them in my KitchenAid mixer and mixed at speed 2. I had trace at about 15-20 minutes. I poured the batch into a Tupperware (actually Supaware I bought at a yard sale) that is 10 inch long by 3.5 inch wide and 2 inch deep. It fit perfectly. I covered it and wrapped in a blanket for 48 hours. I'm not positive but I might have then left it for a few days and then frozen it before unmolding. I cut it into 4 bars (about 4 oz each).

    I did not add any scent or color. It has a definite cocoa butter scent and the color is between off-white and light beige. It's a pretty hard bar - with a real effort you can feel the bar give a bit if you squeeze really hard. It lathers up a storm! I had suds welling up and falling off my hands. It was so fun, I felt obliged to soap up my entire body 3 times (VBG)!!!