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Off the Shelf at Jennifer's

    Date : 1999-01-14

    I�d like to share with you all a recipe I made up that I tested today. I am so thrilled with this soap that I had to post the recipe. It�s called What I have today� (guess why?) and I used the Majestic Mountain Sage lye calculator to get the lye amount. I used grams because the numbers were more even that way since this is such a small recipe. It is just less than 5% superfatted. I made it on 30 Aug 98.



    My temp was right about 100 degrees Fahrenheit for both fats and lye solution. I put them in my KitchenAid mixer and mixed at speed 2. I had trace at about 15-20 minutes. I poured the batch into a Tupperware (actually Supaware I bought at a yard sale) that is 10 inch long by 3.5 inch wide and 2 inch deep. It fit perfectly. I covered it and wrapped in a blanket for 48 hours. I'm not positive but I might have then left it for a few days and then frozen it before unmolding. I cut it into 4 bars (about 4 oz each).

    I did not add any scent or color. It has a definite cocoa butter scent and the color is between off-white and light beige. It's a pretty hard bar - with a real effort you can feel the bar give a bit if you squeeze really hard. It lathers up a storm! I had suds welling up and falling off my hands. It was so fun, I felt obliged to soap up my entire body 3 times (VBG)!!!