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Bar Soaps
Lemon Shaped Lemon Scented Soap

    Date : 1997-12-09


    • 21 fl oz Distilled Water
    • 8 ounces wt Lye (sodium hydroxide)


    Follow basic soapmaking instructions paying particular attention to safety.

    Once the soap has set up overnight cut batch into 12 pieces. Roll the soap into lemon shapes. Using the small side of a box grater (the style your mother had) roll the soap over the prickly edges to give the bumpy look associated with citrus fruits. Remember lemons are not spherical, they are a bit oval. Once the shape is obtained and the lemon is ready to set aside insert a whole clove into what would be the "stem end". This will look like a cut stem.

    Remember to remove the "stem" upon using the soap.

    Happy soaping!