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Lotion Bar

    Date : 1998-01-09

    This was made on the blog on December 21st, 2009.


    • 1.5 oz wt Beeswax
    • 1 oz wt Regular Cocoa Butter or WHite cocoa butter
    • 1.5 oz wt Shea Butter, Refined
    • 2 oz wt Sweet Almond Oil
    • 1/4 teaspoon Vitamin E Acetate


    Melt and mix well and pour into any container. I poured into some old tin jello molds and the bars are kinda cute. They popped right out of the molds.

    Notes & Comments:

    I just made this lotion bar. I like it because it melts a little easier than other bars. Some are so hard it is kind of an assignment to use them; this one is more cooperative!

    This recipe is ideal for using the Lotion Bar Tubes.