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Bar Soaps
Shaving Soap

    Date : 1997-11-01


      4 ounces weight Coconut Oil
      5 ounces weight Olive Oil
      6 ounces weight Palm Oil
      1 ounce weight Avocado Oil
      1 Tablespoon Bentonite Clay
      2.2 ounces weight Lye (sodium hydroxide)
      1 cup Chamomile Bud Herbal Tea
      (light fluffy lather)
      (dense thick lather)
      (hard bar)
      (soothing & emollient)
      (slick feeling)
      (for convert oils to bar soaps)
      (fragrance and soothing)


    Make as usual for bar soaps. Basic instructions can be found at

    Stir until trace, pour into shaving mugs.

    Notes & Comments:

    Beware of shower shavers, they might drop and break a ceramic mug.