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Bar Soaps
Tussie Mussie Swap Winner

    Date : 2000-06-21

    The soap we received from Marcia for this swap was one of those we just hate to unwrap. It was beautiful, not to mention what was inside....


      8 ounces Palm Oil
      8 ounces Coconut Oil
      32 ounces Olive Oil

      6.5 ounces Lye
      18 fluid ounces Goats Milk

      I added castor oil and the fragrances at trace.
      In the Herb Garden, I added lavender buds and chamomile buds.


    Follow basic soapmaking instructions. See

    Notes & Comments:

    Marcia Bothman from the Udder Delight Soap Shop sent in four different scent blends. She told us each of them remind her of a special someone from her past.

    Grandmother s Rose
    Miss Lily s Lilac
    Eleanor s Lavender
    Sophia s Herb Garden