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Winter Sunshine Soap

    Date : 2001-01-03

    Here in Northern Utah, this winter has started off in a very typical way. But now we have had three weeks of cold, cold temperatures and lots of fog and haze. Makes you wish for someplace warm and sunny! I wanted to make a soap that would transport me to a warmer climate. This is the result.


      32 oz wt Palm Kernel Oil
      8 oz wt Shea Butter, Refined
      24 oz wt Sunflower Oil

      8.8 oz wt Sodium Hydroxide

      24 oz water

      0.15 cc Lemon Yellow Color

      30 ml Lemon Zinger Fragrance Oil
      6 ml Soothing Chamomile Fragrance Oil
      1 ml Sandalwood Fragrance Oil


    Combine all oils and melt. Bring to 110-120 F.

    Add lye to water. Cool to 120-130 F. Add lemon yellow color.

    Add lye solution to oils and mix until trace. Add fragrances.

    Pour into mold and let it harden. I can normally cut my soap 12-18 hours after pouring into the mold.

    Cut the soap into bars and let dry.

    Notes & Comments:

    Remember to wear your goggles and gloves while making soap.