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Misc Bath
Winter Survival Sugar Scrub

    Date : 2002-02-28


    Winter Survival was one of the recipes I created for our most recent addition to the class schedule. Muds & Scrubs was a blast, what more can I say! Thanks to all the great ladies that definitely helped make this a success.

    This was made on the blog on December 17th, 2009.


      180 gram white sugar
      40 grams brown sugar
      90 grams Sunflower Oil
      5 grams Liquid Glycerin (not Melt & Pour Soap Base)
      10 grams Colorless Jojoba Oil
      30 drops Satsuma Fragrance Oil
      20 drops Honey Almond Fragrance Oil


      Mixing Bowl
      Transfer Pipettes
      Jars to place the finished product in.


    Basic Steps
    1. Carefully weigh all dry ingredients into a bowl and remove all lumps.
    2. Any additional additives can be incorporated in at this time. For example ground apricot seed, ground luffa.
    3. Carefully weigh all oils and other liquids once all lumps have been removed and mixture is smooth.
    4. Slowly add and blend your oils and glycerin into the dry mixture.
    5. Using a transfer pipette measure fragrances and continue blend, making sure all fragrance is evenly distributed through out the mixture.


    I recommend using your scrubs only once per week. Remember too much of a good thing can still become irritating. This recipe makes about 8 fl oz of scrub.