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Misc Bath
Cranberries & Lime Body Polish

    Date : 2002-04-16


    Did you know many ancient civilizations often used sand, salt, and ash along with a variety of seeds as well as numerous other types of abrasive substances to rid their skin of dirt and oil? Abrasives help to remove dead skin cells along with other impurities. Many spas, along with endless specialty shops, are boasting about the benefits of both salt and sugar scrubs. Here is another interesting little scrub that was created for the Muds & Scrubs class we had in 2001. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


      100 grams Dead Sea Salt, Coarse
      140 grams Dead Sea Salt, Fine
      3 grams Red Clay
      40 grams Hemp Oil
      50 grams Sweet Almond Oil
      20 grams Liquid Soap Base
      40 drops Cran Raspberry Fragrance Oil
      10 drops Lime Essential Oil


      Large Mixing Bowl or Bucket - make sure what ever you decide to use has plenty of room for you to adequately stir things up.
      Transfer Pipette
      Containers for packaging your new creation in


    1. Weigh all dry ingredients and mix together.
    2. Carefully weigh all oils and other liquids once all lumps have been removed and mixture is smooth.
    3. Add your oils to dry mixture, along with any other liquids you might be using at this point. Mix well.
    4. Use your scrubs only once or twice per week. Remember too much of a good thing can still become irritating. Enjoy!