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Misc Bath
Lemongrass & Papaya Body Buffer

    Date : 2002-04-16



      140 grams White Sugar
      3 grams Liquid Glycerin
      2 grams French Green Clay
      50 grams Sweet Almond Oil
      30 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil
      20 drops Papaya Fragrance Oil


      Large Mixing Bowl
      Stirring Spoon
      Transfer Pipette
      Containers for finished scrub


    Basic Steps Body Scrub Instructions-

    Weigh all dry ingredients into a bowl and remove all lumps. If color is being added it can easily be spritzed on the salt or sugar at this point. Carefully weigh all liquid ingredients and add to dry mixture once all lumps have been removed. Add your liquids and blend well. The mixture will thicken slightly as it sits.


    Don't hesitate to make add your own variations to this basic recipe. Be creative, there are endless possibilities when it comes to body scrubs.

    Good Luck & Happy Mixing!!