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Misc Bath
Bittersweet Body Scrub

    Date : 2002-10-18


    Here is a quick recipe for an elegant gift! It is using all volume measures so you won't need a scale.


      2 cups granulated white sugar
      1 cup Dead Sea Salt, Fine Crystal
      1/4 cup Liquid Soap Base
      1 cup Sunflower Oil
      2 teaspoons of your favorite fruit seeds (I chose Cranberry Seeds)
      2 mL fragrance ( I chose Red Clover Tea Fragrance Oil)
      six 4 oz Frosted Straight Base Jars and 70 mm Black Lids


    You will need the following:
      Mixing Cups
      Stainless Steel or Ceramic Mixing Bowls
      Soap Spoon
      Transfer Pipettes


    Measure all ingredients into a mixing bowl. Use a spoon which will mix and break up all lumps. I really like our soap spoon because of the hole which aids mixing. Measure the fragrance with a pipette. Stir well. Scoop into jars. Label and give!


    You may choose whatever containers you have on hand. I do not recommend glass or other breakable containers. I look for wide openings to make it easier to remove the scrub while in the shower.


    Makes about 3 cups of mixture.