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Oriental Swirl Milk Bar

    Date : 1999-10-15

    8.7 Pound Batch of Soap

    This recipe creates a wonderfully scented, creamy bar of soap, while giving it texture and color.


      32 ounces Lard
      48 ounces Soybean Oil
      7 ounces Peanut Oil

      21 ounces Distilled Water
      12 ounces Evaporated Milk
      11.21 ounces Lye

      2 ounces Orient Express Fragrance Oil
      8 ounces (by weight) blenderized Oatmeal
      Colorant 12 drops red & 8 drops blue


    First prepare water, milk, add lye solution, then set aside to cool. Combine oils & heat gently. When oils have reached 120 degrees and the lye has cooled to 110 degrees add the lye solution to oils. Before light trace remove two cups of the base recipe and add blenderized oats, mix well, return back to base recipe & combine thoroughly. Add fragrance oil at light trace remove two cups of base again from soap pot. Add 12 drops red colorant ( I used food coloring) and 8 drops blue mix well and work fast. This combination of oils will thicken & trace quickly. Pour base recipe into desired mold and then incorporate the two cups of colored base, first horizontally and then vertically in the mold. Take a chopstick and carefully swirl the color into the base, be sure to work it to the bottom of the mold.

    Notes & Comments:

    Note: The saponification process will take some of the color away from the swirling (this is what happens to food color in an alkali enviroment, you can avoid this if you use FD&C dyes/pigments). This recipe can be removed from the mold in 24 hours. Enjoy.