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Melt and Pour Soap
Glitter Heart

    Date : 2003-03-05


    This soap came out a beautiful sparkling heart.


      12 oz (15 squares) SLS Free Glycerin Soap
      1 to 1-1/2 Tablespoons Fine Lavender Glitter
      5 mL Love Spell Fragrance Oil (very popular in my school)


      Molds of your choice, I used the Large Heart mold
      Soap Spoon
      Pyrex glass measure for melting in the microwave.
      Transfer Pipette


    Melt soap in microwave safe bowl. Stir frequently. Once melted (or almost melted because stirring will melt the final small pieces) add the glitter and stir well with soap spoon. Add the fragrance at this point.
    Continue stirring much like eggs are whipped where you are folding the mixture over on itself. This cools the soap. Once the soap mixture gets thickened, this is obvious so don't feel like you might miss the cooled point, pour into molds. The soap is quite thick and almost needs to be cut from the pouring bowl with the edge of the spoon. If you pour the soap when it is very liquid the glitter settles to the bottom of the mold. The technique of stirring to cool the soap is the best way to get even suspension of the glitter.


    This is so much fun and the girls in my junior high school love the soap!


    Made 3 large heart soaps.