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Lavender Baby Soap

    Date : 1999-02-16


      Lavender Calendula Baby Soap

      16 oz. coconut oil
      22 oz. olive oil
      8 oz. palm oil
      4 oz. palm kernel oil
      26 oz. hydrogenated soybean oil
      4 oz. shea butter, refined

      30 oz. water
      11 oz. lye

      Add at trace:
      1.5 tablespoons white kaolin clay mixed with 2 oz. castor oil
      1 Tablespoon chamomile buds
      1 T. calendula petals
      Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil

      Mix the chamomile and calendula petals in with the clay and castor
      oil and add all to the soap at trace.

    Notes & Comments:

    The soap is a pretty yellow color.