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Lip Balms
Lip Gloss for the Lip Brush

    Date : 2004-05-25


    It is now time to make a lip gloss! So simple you just won't believe it!


      100 grams Castor Oil
      1 gram Carnauba Wax
      Flavor of your choice
      MMS Lip Balm Colors of your choice


      Glass beaker or jar
      scale with .1 gram readability
      MMS Lip brushes


    Weigh all ingredients together. Color and flavor may be added at the just before filling the brushes or before melting, it does not matter. Heat ingredients until wax is melted. Stir well. Fill brushes with warm mixture. Do not tip brush or advance the material into the brush until the mixture is thoroughly cooled. After cooling the brushes can be stored flat.


    This mixture is glossy and slick. It is the perfect recipe for the new lip brushes in the MMS Catalog.


    Fills about 50 lip brushes