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Misc Bath
Patriotic Sugar Scrub

    Date : 2005-03-08


    A quick scrub to help your hands or feet. A great pick me up after gardening or other activities.


      710 grams granulated sugar
      159 grams Sunflower Oil
      11 grams Liquid Glycerin
      70 grams Kukui Oil
      103 grams Liquid Soap Base
      5 - 1.25 cc scoops Cranberry Seeds
      1 drop Grape Color , prepared as a liquid and stored in a dropper bottle
      10 ml Fragrance Oil of your choice


      Soap Spoon
      Mixing Bowl
      Containers for storage


    Premix the Grape Color as indicated in the catalog. Weigh all ingredients and put into a mixing bowl. Stir with a spoon. Scoop mixture into jars, we prefer the 16 fl oz Deep PET jar. Cap and label.



    Makes about 32 fl oz of product.