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Energy Soap

    Date : 2005-03-08


    Her is a new recipe to try for an easy lathering soap.


      7 ounces Aloe Butter
      3 ounces Castor Oil
      9 ounces Palm Oil
      17 ounces Olive Oil
      7 ounces Palm Kernel Oil
      5 ounces Shea Butter, Refined
      1 ounce Beeswax

      18 ounces Water
      6.52 ounces Lye

      2 teaspoons Rose Hip Powder
      1.25 ounces Energy Fragrance Oil


      Immersion blender
      2 buckets, one for oils and one for lye solution


    Heat oils to 130 degrees F. Add lye to water, stir well, and allow to cool to roughly 130 degrees F. When both mixtures are close in temperature then combine mixtures. Using an immersion blender mix until no more oil floats to the top. Pour into mold that is at least 2 inches deep. Do not cover. Allow to sit undisturbed for 24 hours. Remove from mold and cut into bars. Wrap when bars are no longer giving up water and shrinking.


    Love this recipe, firm right out of the mold. Lots of lather!


    Approximately 60 ounces of finished soap.