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Aloe Butter Hand Cream

    Date : 2005-07-12


    A super all over the body recipe. Carry a jar in your bag for hand assistance, or put a big jar for a just out of the shower all over massage.

    This was made on the blog on January 4th, 2010.


      32 grams Aloe Butter
      12 grams Avocado Oil
      30 grams Apricot Kernel Oil
      12 grams Liquid Glycerin
      24 grams Conditioning Emulsifier
      18 grams Stearic acid
      350 grams Distilled Water
      2 grams Vitamin E Natural
      preservative of choice: Germaben II, Liquid Germall Plus, Optiphen or Suttocide A are suitable for this formulation
      4 grams Desired Fragrance Oil (a fruity scent was chosen, please adjust if your fragrance is more or less potent than a fruity MMS scent)


      Immersion Blender
      Containers to fill


    Using a scale weigh all ingredients, hold out Vitamin E, preservative, and fragrance until mixture is somewhat cooled and is emulsified. Microwave to heat all ingredients. Using immersion blender pulse until mixture is emulsified. Cool. Add Vitamin E Natural, Preservative and fragrance. Pour into jars or pump bottles.


    Slather everywhere for a nice skin conditioning feel.


    Makes approximately 20 ounces.