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Coffee Lip Balm

    Date : 2009-03-04


    Ever wanted to make a coffee butter lip balm, but you wanted to keep it simple? View photos on our blog.


      1 jar of Lip Solutions
      1 oz Coffee Butter
      1 oz Beeswax
      Flavor (if desired)


      Transfer Pipettes


    Place the jar of Lip Solutions on the scale and tare. Add the Coffee Butter and Beeswax to the jar. Microwave in short burst to melt the Lip Solutions, Coffee Butter and Beeswax. Once the lip balm is melted completely, fill your containers.


    The Coffee Butter adds a great scent to the lip balm. You can add Sugar Kisses Flavor Oil to sweeten the lip balm if you don t want to add any other flavors. If you would like to add more flavor, you can add Coffee Flavor Oil for a Java Java Lip Balm, Vanilla Banilla Flavor Oil for a Vanilla Cappuccino Lip Balm, or any other flavor you would like to add. It s your imagination and you are the barista, so have fun!


    Makes approximately 11.6 ounces.