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Soap Therapy (without pictures)

    Date : 1999-09-19

    It has been a while since I have made soap. So I decided to grab my soap bucket and make something.

    I really like the Tropical Rose soap recipe, so I wanted to start from there. This is really just a variation on that recipe.


      16 oz wt Coconut Oil
      19 oz wt Palm Oil
      25 oz wt Palm Kernel Oil
      4 oz wt Mango Butter

      9.5 oz wt Sodium Hydroxide
      24 oz wt Spring Water

      0.15 cc Purple Raspberry color
      1 fl oz Soothing Chamomile Fragrance Oil


    1. Mix lye into water and let cool.
    2. Add colorant to 1 oz of water and set aside.
    3. Combine all oils and melt.
    4. Stir lye mixture into oils.
    5. Add colored water until desired color is reached.
    6. Stir until mixture reaches a light trace.
    7. Add fragrance oil.
    8. Pour soap into mold and let cure.
    9. Cut into bars and let air dry.

    Notes & Comments:

    This recipe is repeated in "Soap Therapy (with pictures)" to show the entire process.

    My temperature when I added the lye solution to the oils were 140 F for the oils and 130 F for the lye water.

    After about 20 to 25 minutes in the mold the internal temperature of the soap was at 190 F.