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Lanolin Soap

    Date : 1999-05-07


      6 oz wt hydrogenated soybean oil
      5 oz wt olive oil
      4 oz wt coconut oil
      1 oz wt lanolin

      2 oz wt sodium hydroxide
      6 fl oz water


    Weigh all ingredients first. Stir sodium hydroxide into cool water. Stir until completely mixed. Set aside to cool.

    Combine all oils and heat gently to melt. When completely melted remove from heat.

    Since lanolin is temperature sensitive, cool lye solution and oils to between 100°F and 110°F. Combine lye solution and oils. Stir until trace. Pour into shallow molds, cover lightly. When soap is firm, remove from mold, cut into bars and allow to cure in a warm area with good air circulation.

    Notes & Comments:

    Lightly Sandalwood is a good scent blend for this soap. Wrap in 4x6 flat bags and tie with jute. Makes about 20 to 22 oz of soap.