Bar Soaps
Valerie's Deer Tallow Soap

    Date : 1997-11-13

    Hi folks,
    I did it! Since no one wrote about their own experience with this stuff, I decided to experiment. We had gotten a really fat deer and ended up with almost 3 lbs. of tallow.

    I had made a couple of mostly unsuccessful batches before (ok for laundry soap) and was nervous so I paid attention and this is what I came up with:



    (I used the lye calculator on Majestic Mountain's page to determine lye and water amount. Also plugged deer tallow into lard box because one is .1379 and the other is .1380.)

    Notes & Comments:

    It came out a beautiful creamy white color with lots of bubbles and smells good too. Used the pvc pipe for the mold and unmolded at about 18 hours.

    It's so pretty and I'm soooo happy and the kids are impressed! 1st question was " Mom can I have some for my bathroom?"

    Valerie in Oregon
    (now if I can just learn how to tan leather)

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