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INCI: Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower

Our lavender buds are a more purple color than most. They are naturally more brilliant and do not contain added colors. One member of our staff has a large open vase filled with lavender buds and a small decorative rake. She spends her "de-stress" time raking a new pattern into the top of the vase of buds.

Try a soap with lavender too, yet be prepared for whole buds to be VERY abrasive. We suggest grinding to a fine flour before adding to soap. It is always better to make one batch of soap with too finely ground lavender and say: Dear Self, next time you make Lavender Soap, leave the particles a little bigger. You never want to say Dear Self, next time LISTEN to MMS and grind FINELY! I now need to grow another 88 million layers of skin to repair this damage.