Ancient Oudwood Fragrance Oil

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The oud resin comes from the Agarwood tree after the heartwood has been infected by mold. An expensive and threatened wood, its influence on the perfumery world has been momentous, with references reaching back to 1400 BCE! We wanted to share the warm, oriental-woody scent with you without adding to the global demand. Ancient Oudwood is our interpretation of the oud resin that won't break your pocketbook or hurt conservation efforts. If our testers loved this delicate woody scent, we think you will too!

Ancient Oudwood blends rare Oudh wood with sensual amber, musk, and rosewood, while hints of cardamom,  Sichuan pepper, coconut, and dewy violet provide fleeting top notes.

Ancient Oudwood Fragrance Oil is compatible with our cyclomethicone!

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